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Unit on Ancient Egypt

April 1, 2008

James and I did a unit on Ancient Egypt. He discovered this interest through trading card games (like Mythmatical Battles and YuGiOh!) and Yu-Gi-Oh books.

1. James and I read a great deal of Egyptian mythology.

2. We read Mummies Made in Egypt by Aliki and saw the Reading Rainbow episode on VHS.

3. James, Sarah, Trishy and I had fun with a new game — Mummy Rummy.

4. James and I built pyramids with Zome Tools and explored triangular and pyramidal number patterns. We also read about how Thales solved the puzzle of the height of a pyramid in Mathematicians are People, Too. It was a good opportunity to talk about measurements and ratios.

5. Sarah and James made mummy masks.

This project requires a skill that I feared would be beyond my two younger kids — more difficult than any artistic technique — SITTING STILL for 15 minutes. After considering what would be involved, 4-year-old Trishy decided it would be more fun watching her siblings subjected to it.

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