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Lesson on Bird Adaptations

May 8, 2008

For Funschool, I brought some seeds, pots and soil, and a few of the kids planted sunflowers and tomatoes to transplant in their yards. I also prepared an activity on bird adaptations. I was really proud of the way James stepped up and guided the activity for the kids who were interested.

Challenge #1: A simple matching activity:

Challenge #2:

“Bird” Foods to Sample:

Plants in Water for Ducks(actually Nerd Ropes in lemonade) — How appetizing does THAT look. *LOL* A large sieve-like spoon was provided.

Tube Shaped Flowers for Hummingbirds (flavored water in a vase) — a straw was provided

Insects in Trees (M&Ms in styrofoam) for Woodpeckers — a skewer was offered

Worms in Dirt for Robins (gummy worms in cake mix) — Clips, similar to clothespins, were offered.

We also had “insects in dirt” (M&MS in cake mix), “seeds” (unshelled peanuts) and Swedish gummy fish in “water.” (We provided tweezers, a nutcracker, and a large scoop)

Quotable Moment of the Day: From Trishy, who is well past her 4th birthday and has NO interest in learning to use the toilet — “I am going to use the potty when I am old enough to drive.” Sheesh!

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