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A Day of Silly String and Sweeney Todd

October 1, 2008

No “school” today. I was up at the crack of dawn grading papers, washing dishes and running errands. We own one set of dishes and are home to five people. Yet by some peculiar alchemy we generate enough dirty dishes to supply half the U.S. Army. I made the kids spend most of the morning cleaning the house (mean mama!) James also had a piano lesson

The kids spent the afternoon with two of their friends. I bought them snacks and ordered pizza for them. (I love payday!) They hung out, played video games, and ran around in the yard assaulting each other with Silly String. Sarah watched Sweeney Todd with Tori. O.K. that movie (like the stage musical) is seriously bent — and includes WAY too much bloodshed for me to take in one sitting. But it happens to be one of Tori’s favorites. And Sarah doesn’t bat an eyelash at the violence or its inherently warped nature (remember, in her own words, she lost her cinematic virginity with The Rocky Horror Picture Show), and she can sing some of the songs by heart.

By the way, Sarah summed up what she learned from Sweeney Todd in one line:

“Never fall in love with a man who sings to his razors.”

I think those are very good words to live by. Don’t you?

Sarah also worked on her novel and we all watched Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. rocks in a metal suit.

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