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Learning Notes

October 4, 2008

I am stressing out about an appointment next week — we have to go to UVA for some specialized vision testing for Patricia; it is related to her medical issues. (Visual impairment or blindness are among the likely consequences of her condition.) John says he can’t get off work to go with me. And I LOATHE going to the UVA medical center with one of the kids, especially without another adult to hold my hand. O.K. — I’m done whining. I promise. But I’d appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts. Or come over and fix me a margarita, if that’s more your style. 🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot about the time when Trishy is old enough to understand that she has a scary genetic condition, and when she realizes that — if she chooses to have kids — she has a 50% chance of passing this along. This would have been a heavy burden to me as a child, especially since I wanted to have babies SO much (yes, even when I was little). And of course, I think a lot about the possibility of complications emerging (scoliosis, seizures, learning disabilities … the list goes on). A lot of parenting a “special needs” child is wondering if and when the other shoe is going to fall. *Clunk.* And a lot of it is about wanting to keep their hopes for the future intact.

On to learning notes … (that’s why we’re here, right?)

Friday, James practiced his new piano piece: Ode to Joy. He’s practiced it six times, so far, this week.  He had soccer practice. (P.E.) He is still reading Outcast by Michelle Paver.  He has been spending a lot of time building fighter jets with Legos.He also worked on the story he’s writing.  On the agenda for this weekend: a soccer game and a sleepover, at our house, with Aengus.

Sarah is still reading You Don’t Know Me by David Klass, and she’s working on writing a novel. She and James also started writing a story together. Ahead for this weekend: a trip to the library and soccer.

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