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Learning Notes

October 6, 2008

On Saturday, James and Trishy played soccer and Sarah and I picked books at the library.  Right now, we’re still reading You Don’t Know Me by David Klass. James finished Outcast by Michelle Paver.

Trishy and I have been reading a lot of picture books and practicing simple sequences and patterns with math manipulatives (red bear — blue bear — red bear — blue bear — what comes next? pink — brown — brown — pink — brown — brown — what comes next?)

James has spent the last few days with his friend Aengus, who is here for a sleepover. As a surprise for his buddy, James talked me into buying a prize (Matchbox cars and candy) and he designed a large “treasure map” of our yard, leading him to the prize. So Aengus had a treasure hunt and got a few goodies. I thought this was SO cool! Now if only James would be as kind and thoughtful toward his younger sister as he is to his best friend, my happiness would be complete. 😀

The boys also wasted plenty of time on mindless video games. (Oh well — to quote Dr. Seuss, “These things are fun, and fun is good!” 🙂 ) They played with Legos  and they played a fantasy role-playing game with John.

Sarah and I worked on her spelling words (in Spelling Power) by using them in a game of Hangman on the white board. We all have fun with that game. She did a freewrite, and we talked about a short research paper I’ve asked her to do. Her chosen topic is “Banned Books.” Our next step will be to refine a question — or a specific subject — that she can research. We also did Lesson 12 A-B in Math-U-See Pre-Algebra — The Distributive Property.

Sarah is heavily into Broadway/movie musicals these days. She’s been on-line, listening to different versions of songs from Sweeney Todd. That’s one seriously bent musical — *LOL* — but she and Tori love it 😛

James and Aengus went to Homeschool P.E. and played together in A’s yard; they also played a bit of Yu-Gi-Oh!

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