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Learning Notes/Neuroophthalmological Evaluation

October 9, 2008

I was awake most of the night with anxiety over our trip to UVA with Trishy today. Ugh! We’re scheduled to see a vision specialist for her NF; we’ve been warned that it’s likely to be an all-day affair. Oh, and we just found out John’s job might be in jeopardy. 😦 More on that later — maybe.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming —

Yesterday, James was sick in bed with a cold most of the day. He listened to part of a new audiobook — The Good Dog by Avi.

In the evening, he and Sarah played a few games together, including Guess Who? and a version of “20 questions” in which each player guessed — through yes/no questions — what literary character the other player was thinking of.  They also played Blink

Sarah and I had Breakfast School:

She is working hard on her research project on banned books. I guided her toward setting up interviews with local librarians and keeping track of the appointments in a planner.

She had two interviews. One librarian was helpful and answered the questions Sarah had developed. The other was a little snarky. Even though they had a scheduled meeting, she didn’t answer Sarah’s questions. She said something like “We haven’t had any books challenged here in the past two years — you do know that the ALA is against banning books and not for it?” Then she handed her some information she’d printed off the internet and sent her on her way.

Sarah reckoned that the snarky librarian assumed since she home schools she’s a “religious zealot.” She’s probably right. If so, I don’t know which bugs me more — the false but tenacious assumption that all home schoolers are conservative Christians, or her thinking that if Sarah were that kind of believer she would deserve any less respect and consideration than anyone else. And people accuse Fundamentalists of being intolerant. Yeesh!

Oh well, I’m not exactly in a sunny mood right now, and I am probably not being my usual fair and objective self. (Maybe said librarian was just having a stressful day.) Oh well, who expects bloggers to be fair or rational?


Update: We’re finally back from the UVA Medical Center! We spent most of the day there, being juggled by doctors and interns and — of course — spending lots of time waiting. John and I took turns. One of us would sit in a tiny exam room with Trishy, and the other would sit in the waiting room listening to the older siblings: “How much longer are we going to be here? How much longer?!? I am hungry. My stomach is snarling at me. My stomach just bit me!”

As always, our medical adventure was about as much fun as being impaled by a meat hook.

Trishy had her neuroophthalmological evaluation. (I learned to say that word AND spell it today. I hope you’re suitably impressed). She was in her element. She LOVES meeting new people and — above all — being the center of attention. All the docs who saw her seemed to think she was quite a charmer. However, after nearly 3 hours of examinations, she offered the quote of the day– “I am not exactly enjoying this.” The doctor of the moment thought this was very funny; he even wrote it down.

In the end, the neuroophthalmologist said things seemed perfectly normal. I was very relieved. After all the time spent in the hospital, and the sheer volume of credentialed medical experts we saw, I naturally thought the news would be more dire.:-D

At this point, they’re not recommending that Trishy go through any more medical testing. They still stand by their quasi-diagnosis of probable NF1 and macrocephaly (yes — she has a big head). But there is nothing to do but wait and see whether symptoms develop.

A few other quotable moments — Trishy got irked in one of the exam rooms she was shuffled through and said, “I am peed on.” Huh? Maybe she meant “pissed off.”

When we got to the restaurant, where we planned to have lunch, Trishy remembered that she’d been there before and ordered either Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb. She announced “I want some Mr. Pimp!” (Oh, my!)

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