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Strange and wondrous …

November 5, 2008

are the ways of James’s mind. 🙂

In the middle of a math discussion, he’s watching a speck of dust drift down into his hand. “What if snow fell that slowly?”

This is a typical moment in our homeschooling day. A random noise, a spider crawling across the floor, or even a floating speck of dust seizes his attention and sends him on a new trajectory. I’m always redirecting him and trying to control my own ADD tendencies at the same time.

He is a kid with ADHD who is also a strong “right brained learner” (the two often — though not always — go together). Since I’m getting into labels, I suspect some of those Asperger’s shadow traits that Tony Attwood talked about. His perception is like a kaleidoscope, seeing the world from myriad angles at once — taking in various things he glimpses, along with sounds and sensations — instead of focusing on what’s in front of him.

He also blurts out whatever comes into his head, even if it means cutting me off mid-sentence, and the topic is rarely relevant to anything that’s going on. He even interrupts himself. A snippet of conversation might go like this:

J: 16 x 24 … O.K. 16 times 20 is … umm … 320

Me: Good! And …

J: And … Did you know there’s actually a YuGiOh! card called Gogiga Gagagigo? It’s a really funny name.

I revel in this dimension of his nature and it drives me completely friggin’ crazy in equal measure. 🙂

Another typical James moment. Warning: not for the squeamish!

We were reading George Washington’s Breakfast by Jean Fritz. I was pleased at how smoothly it seemed to be going. We were both focused on the book. We were reading about what Virginians in Washington’s time ate for breakfast (presumably the minority who were affluent): ham and turkey.

Me: So they had meat for breakfast: ham and turkey.

J: (seeming to be looking intently at the picture of the book, leading this homeschooling mama extraordinaire to feel dangerously overconfident) What if somebody cut off a finger?

Me: Huh?

J: Well, what if somebody cut off a finger and it got stuck in the turkey? And somebody ate it. Would he even notice? They say human meat tastes like chicken.

Me: (Wide-eyed) Uh … O.K. Back to the book!

I always find it hard to believe that he’s listening and taking anything in. Yet somehow, he usually remembers our conversations and the books we read. Kind of like he has YuGiOh! cards literally strewn all over his floor, yet if a friend asks to see a particular one, he can find it.

Of course it’s not a problem unless it’s a problem. James has been homeschooled since Kindergarten, so his ADD is rarely an issue. We have ways of learning and expectations that fit him. I often wonder how he’ll fit in out in the world, but he seems to do fine. When he’s hanging around with his friends, he seems to blend right in. Maybe this is the new “normal” — at least for little boys. 😀

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