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Notes and a Boromir Graph

November 11, 2008

After breakfast, I settled Trishy in front of the nefarious electronic babysitter so Sarah and I could get some things done. Nope … I’m not above that. 😀 She watched The Polar Express for the jillionth time.

Sarah and I talked about her ongoing research project. She has written her rough draft. Now we’re going through her “Boromir Graph” (her outline) — item by item — and deciding where more information needs to be added.

As I mentioned in another post, Sarah thinks this diagram looks like it has been hit with many arrows and calls it a “Boromir graph” in honor of a character in Lord of the Rings who was killed by arrows. Yes, my kids are kind of tweaked; I don’t apologize for it. You should meet their dad sometime.

Sarah also read novels and wrote movie reviews for her blog this weekend.

We worked in Math-U-See Pre-Algebra and Spelling Power, and we read more of Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused? Sarah still finds Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused? dull, but she admits she’s learning a lot, and this knowledge is important since when the next presidential election rolls around, she’ll be a voter.

Today we talked about Communism and Socialism, and we discussed what happened in the Soviet Union. This dovetailed nicely with Animal Farm and our dystopian studies. We talked a bit about the very subjective way “Uncle Eric” (in Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused? ) discusses politics, and about the fact that nearly everything we read and hear is slanted in some way. I told her one of my most important goals for my kids is for them to be able to critically evaluate what they read and hear. I worry that we have a nation of people who is willing to swallow whole what they hear on CNN or Fox News, in church, or from some Joe Schmo in Wal-Mart.

She said, “So you get people who won’t vote for Barack Obama because they heard he’s a radical Muslim. Yup. Or they’ve heard that his family dabbles in black magic. Egads! This segued into a discussion of some of the more bizarre elements of the so called “radical religious right.” And no, I don’t judge all people with fundamentalist beliefs by these nutters. But I digress.

While we were doing this, James spent the morning sorting YuGiOh! cards and listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on CD.

Then I dropped Sarah off at her counselor’s office, for her appointment, and I started “Kindergarten” with Trishy.

I picked up Sarah, dropped her off at the library, did a little more more “school” with Trishy, fixed lunch, did a little more school with Trishy, picked up Sarah, and took James to Homeschool P.E.

James participated in P.E., and the girls and I walked a mile on the track. While we were waiting for P.E. to end, Sarah and I played “I’m a New Person” and “I’m a Fictional Character” — a variation of twenty questions.

After P.E., I drove Aengus home, came back to the house, and did a little more school with Trishy. Then I had dinner plus several glasses of halfway decent red wine.

I thought having more focused time with me would soften the Major Attitude Trishy’s had lately. But it doesn’t seem to have worked. She has the face of a sweet, innocent fair-haired babe and the indomitable tyrannical spirit of a world dictator. She is ALWAYS demanding attention, and clamoring to get her way. I used to think that parents who didn’t “spoil” their kids by giving into incessant demands and tantrums didn’t raise kids who acted this way. HAH! I want to go back and apologize to all those parents who I privately judged for having kids who acted spoiled and obnoxious. I should have known God would punish me for that someday. 😀 Oh, well. This too shall pass, and little ones grow and change quickly, as I know all too well.

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