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Thirteen Things I’m Thankful For (In No Particular Order)

November 24, 2008

1. The fact that I’m sitting here listening to 4-year-old Trisha talk to her stuffed unicorn. Sarah told her today that unicorns don’t exist in real life, and she said “I feel sorry for them!” πŸ˜€ Why do I so often forget that this is the stuff that makes my life glorious?

2. For the fact that 10-year-old James seems so happy with his life and he still wants to homeschool! I am looking forward to our future learning adventures.

3. For the close relationship I have with my 14-year-old, Sarah. My mother and I didn’t get to know each other this well until I was in my 20s … if ever, and most of the other moms I know don’t seem this close to their teens. This tight bond evolved, in part, because she’s already been through more social and emotional struggles than any person should go through in a lifetime. Of course I would NEVER have wished that on her. Nevertheless, our closeness is still a strength, and nothing takes away from that. And I believe it will continue even when she heals and her life gets better. (Yes, I said “when” — not “if.”)

4. For my infuriatingly stubborn husband who is kind, funny, and very hot … even when I want to wring his neck. He is the kind of man who’ll come home at 6 a.m. after a 12-hour work shift, having slept less than 8 hours in the past three days, see that the dog had diarrhea all over James’s room, and help the kiddo clean up the mess without waking me up. He’s the kind of guy who thinks I’m sexy even when I’m 100 pounds overweight, have flab and stretch marks that make me look like a topographical map, and haven’t had time to wash my hair in a week. He’s the type of person who’d put his life on the line, any time, for someone he loves.

5. For my kids’ friends and their families, who have brought so much to our lives. Including Sam’s mom, who hosted an impromptu ALL DAY birthday party at her house yesterday. When he’s with Sam, Aengus, or Nathaniel, James is full of pure, wild, goofy joy. And I should mention that Aengus’s mother is the kind of mom who’s had my kid over for 48-hour marathon sleepovers, even though — without a doubt — he single-handedly broke all their community noise ordinances. And Nathaniel’s parents let them slide down their stairs on a cushion, shrieking like banshees. The best part of all is that these super cool parents are all MY friends, too.

6. For all the bloggers on my sidebar. (Yes, I read too many freakin’ blogs). They all make me think, laugh, or … occasionally … go “Hmmmmm…”

7. That aside from our mortgage, we are almost debt-free. Five years ago we had $30,000 in credit card debt, and we worked through it and paid off every penny. I feel liberated and (probably) ready to face the lean financial times ahead.

8. That I am able to work part-time from home and be with my beautiful, feisty kids 24 and 7, and that I was able to give up my daycare business several years ago. Between settling our debts and the nickel and dime raises my husband has gotten through the years, we’ve come a LONG way.

9. That the deepening recession reminds me how obscenely wealthy most of us are in the U.S. We are considered to be a family of modest means, by THIS society’s standards, yet we have an embarrassment of riches.

10. For our awesome RDI consultant, who has been generous with her time, expertise, and insight, and has helped give me hope. A year ago, I was floundering trying to figure out how to use RDI on my own. It was like grappling with quicksand. The more I struggled, the further I sunk. πŸ™‚

11. For my extended family, including my wonderful dad and his partner, Franceine and our many brothers and sisters.

12. For the fact that Patricia, so far, has no apparent symptoms related to her diagnosis.

13. For living in this beautiful part of the country. No matter what’s going on, it almost always lifts my spirits to see rolling hills, trees, and mountains wherever I go. Nature is healing, and it’s what helps me connect with God.

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