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Tea Time and Poetry

November 25, 2008

Sarah and I made Apple Scones and had tea time today.

We recently read Keesha’s House. It tells the story of a group of troubled teens in poetry. Each poem focuses on a particular character. They are in classic forms, such as English sonnets, Italian sonnets and sestinas.

This reminded me a bit of Edwin Arlington Robinson’s work. So we read “Richard Cory” and several other poems by Edwin Arlington Robinson. We talked about the theme of alienation and loneliness in his work.

We also watched Simon and Garfunkel’s “Richard Cory” (Check out the hair on Art Garfunkel!)

Here is some information on Robinson’s work from Thomas Hampson’s “I Hear America Singing” on PBS:

A Maine poet whose numerous volumes of verse explore the repressive life of small-town American, Edwin Arlington Robinson drew inspiration for his portraits and tales from the tortured lives of his family and acquaintances. Transforming autobiography into myth, he set these stories in the fictitious Tilbury Town, the poet’s emblem of the American dream gone awry, a place where creative genius is destroyed by neglect and misunderstanding.

Sarah suggested that we also read The Brimstone Journals.

Then we each wrote our own English sonnet creating a character sketch of a troubled person.

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