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A Post About Poop and Vomit

December 14, 2008

James is really sick today. I’m not sure what going on. He has a long history of nasty bowel problems; I’ll spare you the details, y’know, just because it’s almost Christmas and all.

This morning he told me he’d been constipated for about 3 days. Then he started having intense pain in the lower left side of his abdomen. A quick Google search conjured up the word “diverticulitis” (infection in the colon). I called the doctor.

Smart mommy — I just KNEW he needed to be seen by the doctor. So we rushed to the doctor’s office, paid $25, and had a long leisurely stay in the waiting room — exposing him to all the germs kids have been incubating in this city. Then we waited in the examining room while several presidential administrations came and went. The doc finally got there, and told us the same mantra we’ve been hearing for years: “This is just constipation … Miralax and an enema.”

Well, the enema worked. Then the vomiting started 😦 It could be just coincidence; I’m sure there are enough flu viruses around to conquer an army. Still, I am wondering whether the doc ruled out an infection a bit to quickly.

James is such a sweet little guy … he really is. It’s almost abnormal how nice he is. He was apologizing to me because I had to clean puke off the floor and out of the “barf bucket.”

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