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Winter-Themed Kindergarten Activities

January 11, 2009

We decided that, now that she’s turned five, Trisha OFFICIALLY starts Kindergarten tomorrow. I am not a believer in early academics, but she has been letting me know she needs this. She seems SO excited. 😀

By the way, we’ve been told that, due to her diagnosis, Trishy has a 50% chance of learning disabilities (yup — “learning disabilities” — they won’t get any more specific than that.) So maybe it’s best that I be purposeful and methodical about her early education.

She’s been doing her usual things — imaginative play, often using her little animal figures, and tormenting her siblings. 🙂 She’s played with the pattern blocks she got for Christmas.

Yesterday, she saw me working on some stuff for her first week of Kindergarten. Naturally she wanted to join in. When I get tired of her wanting to be a part of everything I do, I remind myself that this is God’s way of compensating me, in advance, for that phase when she won’t want to participate in ANYTHING I do, suggest, or even think about. Ah … adolescence!

Here are some things I made with Sculpey for making playdough snowmen. I just want to tell my friend Piseco Mom that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 🙂

Alas … I didn’t have any brown or black Sculpey. So my tree branches look … ummm … sun bleached. And I couldn’t make any of those classic little bits of coal for the snowman’s face. (Doesn’t that just make you want to hum that song? “..and two eyes made out of coal…” ) Instead I have some rocks, buttons, two cherries, a banana and a potato. 😀

Trishy worked with Sculpey too. Her creation is not representational, but it’s colorful. 🙂 As is almost always the case, the process was more interesting that the product. She put together a colorful, unusual eye (complete with a pupil) which, after several more transformations, became a colorful, amorphous blob.

Then I made these (a matching activity):

And she made this:

Right now, Trishy is having fun watching James do simple chemistry experiments. (“When are you going to make the next potion??”)

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