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Unit Study on The Three Snow Bears — Part III

January 23, 2009

In keeping with the “Snow Bears” unit, James, Trishy and I did a few simple ice-themed science experiments:

They did a simple demonstration of how a polar bear’s blubber enables it to swim in frigid water.

Making Crystals — We’re still waiting to see how this one comes out.

Ice Fishing — This was a really fun activity for the littles. Their dad explained that it works because salt melts the ice, which then refreezes.

Trishy taught herself the letters of the alphabet last summer, so we’re having fun building on that. She helped me put together these activities:

Sorting cards and objects by beginning sounds:


More activities:

Trishy’s dad also helped her build a room for her little dalmation family with Math-U-See blocks.

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