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Unit Study on The three Snow Bears by Jan Brett — Part II

January 23, 2009

We read The Three Snow Bears and read the traditional version of The Three Bears.

We did our polar bear poem and songs together.

We started a polar bear craft, and we did a math activity with little bears.

The object of the activity was to introduce the concept of zero, reinforce counting and numeral recognition through 11 & lay the groundwork for the idea of number patterns. She also completed patterns which I made with the bears, like red bear — yellow bear –red bear — yellow bear, red bear — yellow bear –yellow bear — red bear — yellow bear– yellow bear, big bear, little bear, big bear, little bear, and so forth.

The next day, we finished our polar bear craft. Many homeschooling bloggers post gorgeous crafts and artwork. If this ever makes you feel a bit like an underachiever, the antidote is to come right here, my friend. 🙂

This craft came from here (scroll down to the Bottle Polar Bear Craft for Kids). In case you’re wondering why our bear’s legs are sticking out — he’s SWIMMING. That was my innovation, ‘cuz there’s no way we were get this guy to stand up. His legs are taped on, because my glue gun ran out of ammunition.

Our collaboration went kind of like this:

Mom: O.K. — Choose two googly eyes … um … do you want them to be different sizes?

T: Yes.

Mom: O.K.

T: One of them got burned because it got too close to a hot thing. So it shrunk.


Mom: Do you think it’s finished now?

T: No. He’s just white.

Mom: Polar bears are usually just white.

T: (Clearly not seeing the relevance of this point) I need some more paints.

I really like this guy! He’s the product of several snafus, some adaptation, and a bit of independent thinking; he’s surreal and completely unique.

Then we read The Three Snow Bears and The Three Bears again. I asked her why polar bears are white. She said “because the snow is white.” I explained the concept of camouflage, which she seemed to grasp immediately. We read this book:

We also read this book

We had fun with these books, and she asked loads of questions.

We also worked with these Arctic animals cards (there are 24 different animals); I’d made two copies of each one, so we played several rounds of concentration.

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