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Trishy’s First Narration

January 26, 2009

Trishy (who just turned 5) had her first go at doing narrations today. She narrated The Mitten and The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett. I deleted her narration of The Mitten before I could post it. (I do have a printed copy of it, though.) Here’s her narration of The Three Snow Bears. I made a few grammatical corrections, like changing “goed” to “went.” But all the words are her own.

Some bears were having soup and it was too hot for the baby bear, just like in The Three Bears. They decided to go for a walk, and this little girl smelled something good and went in and tried the soups. She went in the other room and put the baby bear’s boots on and then something warmed up her cheeks and made her sleepy and she went in the biggest bed and it was too hard. Then she went in the medium sized bed and it was too soft. She went in the little bed and it was just right. Then she fell asleep before she could take her boots off.

The bears found her dogs and they brought them home safely. Papa Bear tried his soup.

He went, “Someone has been trying my soup.” Mama Bear found out her spoon was still in her soup too.

Then the baby bear looked at his bowl and said, “Somebody found my soup and ate it all up.”

The bears were in the next room. Papa Bear found that his boots were in the middle of the floor. Mama Bear found that her boots were on the floor. Baby found that her boots were gone and somebody left behind these not as good ones. Then they went in the next room.

Papa bear went, “Somebody’s been trying to be in my bed.” Mama Bear found that someone had been in her bed, too.

Baby Bear went, “Somebody’s been in my bed and here she is.” She woke up and got between Papa’s big fluffy legs. She went in the other room, and when she got outside, she found the dogs. Then the pulled the dogs over the ice floe and waved goodbye to the bears.

There was a big voice, “Goodbye,” and medium-sized voice, “Goodbye,” and a squeaky sized voice, “Goodbye.”

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