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James’s Salt Dough Map of the 13 Colonies

January 29, 2009

Breaking news … we finished a project. Yes, US! We actually finished a project!

For this project we used a map in Kris Bordessa’s Great Colonial American Projects You Can Build Yourself. I sketched a grid over the map in the book.

Then I sketched a larger grid on the cardboard. I think we quadrupled the size — from 1/2-square-inch squares to 2 -square-inch squares. Since we started this back before the holidays, it’s hard for me to remember. *LOL* This was Little Man’s first exposure to the concept of drawing to scale.

John helped him copy the map onto the poster board, using the grid. Actually, I think John did virtually all the work. That step was much harder than I expected it to be. (Let’s call that scaffolding, shall we?)

James made salt dough in different colors, using salt, flour, water and food coloring. Trishy and I helped a bit.

Then he made his map. He looked at a simple geological atlas to decide where to put mountains.

He mixed blue-green tempera paint for the ocean and painted the rest of the map green.

By the way, there’s a phallic-shaped thing sticking out of New York. In case you’re wondering, it’s the Empire State building. I pointed out to James that skyscrapers were not exactly a colonial-era innovation. He knew that, of course, but he still wanted it. O.K. … cool. 🙂 At least I don’t have to worry about the monkeys being too conventional.

Awesome work, Little Man!

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