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Honest Scrap Award

September 19, 2009

I am honored and excited to have been chosen by Susan at Bloggin’ ’bout Books for the Honest Scrap Award.

It’s given to bloggers whose posts come “from the heart.” I’m supposed to pass it on to 7 bloggers, then answer a little meme.

7 Bloggers Whose Posts Come from the Heart

10 Random Things About Me:

  • I was a deplorable high school student — I would occasionally ditch class to hang out with my best friend, drink cheap wine, and go to the mall. I would often skip school to go to the library and read. Who skips school so they can read? A sad commentary on my geekiness or on the priorities of the school system — I’m not sure which. Anyway, I read some good novels during those truant hours, including Slaughterhouse Five and The Color Purple.
  • My idea of home decorating is wall-to-ceiling bookshelves. My husband, the carpenter-in-residence, finally put his foot down and refused to build any more shelves. He has the peculiar notion that if we run out of shelves — after he’s built at least 3 bookcases (including one that occupies an entire wall of the living room) — I should get rid of some books. Men get the oddest ideas, don’t they?
  • I’ve had 6 pregnancies and 3 living children. I am madly, insanely in love with my kids. Even though we are in our 40’s, and have been “done” for quite a while, I still haven’t made peace with the fact that I won’t have more babies. Crazy, but true.
  • I believe in God, but I quit going to church years ago. I feel much more connected with a higher power in the woods that in a building.
  • I work online as a publicist and writing coach. I’ve always needed to work for pay, but I haven’t worked outside the home — in the usual sense of the word — in about 9 years.
  • I’m really into quirky independent films, a genre my daughter introduced me to. I find that I do better with quirky than downright weird, though my horizons are expanding. I even sat through Pulp Fiction lately.
  • I have a weakness for adopting stray dogs.
  • I love many of the classics, but I didn’t start reading them until relatively late in life. Some terrific authors, like Edith Wharton and Charles Dickens, were nearly ruined for me forever because high school teachers forced me to read them when it was just the wrong time in my life to really appreciate them. I read War and Peace, one of my all-time favorite books, when I was nursing my son around the clock (baby in one hand, book in the other). I read all of Jane Austen’s wonderful novels during the last few months of pregnancy with my youngest. I was bloated like an engorged tick with encephalitis, and didn’t feel up to doing anything besides reading.
  • My mother was perhaps the smartest woman I’ve ever known. She loved to debate with people — politics, religion — nothing was off-limits. My cousin once said, admiringly, that she could argue with a napkin and make it interesting. I suspect I lack her wit and her knack for thinking on her feet in a debate. Besides, I’m always overly afraid of hurting somebody’s feelings.
  • I sometimes miss being a teenager, even with the raging hormones, the loneliness, and my intense dislike of high school. The thing I loved was that sense of limitless possibilities being ahead and no doors having yet been closed.
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