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If You Want to Make God Laugh …

December 23, 2009

We all know how the rest of the proverb goes — I think it’s from Jewish tradition. Or maybe Woody Allen. Something along the lines of: There is Nothing More Hilarious to the Almighty that our Presuming to Make Plans.

The hard working guys who plow and salt the roads finally made it up our street yesterday. And my hubby is finally off work. We had big plans to go out as a family and hit a shopping mall — y’know we always go for the adrenaline rush of 11th hour Christmas shopping. Plowing through crowds and dodging frantic shoppers is a GREAT cardio workout. I thought we’d eat dinner out and the whole nine yards.

This morning, I awoke to the five little words that make every mother’s blood run cold. “I Need to Throw Up.” Then my five-year-old, Eliza, was crouched over the toilet, crying a little. To borrow once more from Jewish tradition: Oy Vey!

How is your day going? Are you engulfed in a frenzy of holiday preparations? On the road, headed to visit loved ones? Or are you sitting back with your feet up, with that madness safely behind you?

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