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‘Twas the Day Before Christmas …

December 24, 2009

and all through the house, I heard the sounds of kids video gaming. 🙂

I am happy to report that Eliza’s vomiting, yesterday morning, turned out to be a one-act show. She lay down for an hour and seemed fully recovered. Against our better judgment, the hubby and I decided to go ahead with our plans — we went shopping and ate dinner at Outback. By the way, I highly recommend the Captain’s Mai Tai at Outback … just in case anyone needs that information. 😉

So gifts have been bought and either wrapped and put under the tree or stashed — in closets, in the back of the van, under our bedcovers. Of course, the loot includes several of those violent video games the experts have warned us about; they’re for the boys, ages 11 and 43. Because nothing commemorates the birth of the Prince of Peace as beautifully as a couple of shooter games. :-/

Luckily I’ve finally made peace with all that.

I’m looking forward to the festivities. John is cooking dinner for all of us tonight. Tomorrow morning, we’ll open gifts and hang out together; then John has to work Christmas night. In his line of work, he has to work most major holidays, so we’ve always adapted. Santa has received many letters from us, requesting that he drop off the kids’ goodies on a different night. Good thing the old guy is so flexible about when he makes his sleigh trips.

Luckily I’ve finally made peace with all that. 🙂

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