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When the Apocalypse Comes, Nobody’s Going to Be Using Punctuation

January 9, 2010

I think that would make a catchy book title, don’t you? Hmmm … maybe I can find a way to use it.

Recently I was talking to my savvy 11-year-old son, video game junkie and aficionado of all things twisted and gross, about Don’t Bother Me Mom: I’m Learning by Marc Prensky. He readily agreed with this author that kids learn a tremendous amount from video games, including shooter games. Then he elaborated: “I’ve learned how to survive a zombie apocalypse.”

Well, there you have it. Thank God one of us has, because if zombies take over Virginia, I — for one — don’t want my family to be caught with its collective pants down.

While shopping for his dad’s birthday, DS picked up this book:

It’s fully illustrated and — I should warn you — NOT for the squeamish.

I bought myself a copy of The Road:

This book got high marks from Staci at Life in the Thumb, oh, and that Pulitzer Prize thing, too. I haven’t opened it yet, but as I mentioned to Jennifer at Reading With Tequila, my 15-year-old daughter started perusing it. Knowing that I’m a confirmed “grammar Nazi,” she said “Mom, you’re not going to like this book. There’s no proper punctuation.” The rest of the conversation went something like this:


“Yes, it’s kind of a stream of consciousness. There’s not much punctuation.”

“You’re right — that’s going to be a problem for me.”

“Oh, come on, Mom. It’s a post-apocalyptic book. When the apocalypse comes, nobody’s going to be using punctuation!”

Wow. That really will be the demise of civilized society! And as a writing teacher and editor, I’ll be out of work. But I guess after the apocalypse, I won’t be so worried about paying off the mortgage.

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