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Checking in on Monday

January 25, 2010

I’ve been fighting this cold/flu thing for several weeks — and losing the battle spectacularly. Last night, I felt the symptoms start to ebb, and this morning they’re back. What’s up with that? Is my immune system on vacation?

I enjoyed a nice restful weekend. This morning, we all got up a bit earlier than usual to straighten up the house, since we have someone coming by to discuss doing some work on the house. Frankly I think it’s terribly sad that it takes us 2 or 3 hours to put the house in order just so we can let someone through the front door. And believe me, when I say “put the house in order,” I don’t mean elevating it to House Beautiful standards or even getting it REALLY clean. I just mean getting it to the “well … it definitely looks ‘lived in'” level rather than “Oh, GOD, are those children being raised by wolves??”

In another incarnation I’m going to be one of those mamas who can have people drop by any time without humiliation. One of those people who glances at a few dishes in the sink or a few toys strewn on the couch and says, “I’m sorry about the mess!” Hmph!

Then again, a friend and I once discussed that holy grail of perpetual organization and cleanliness — we’d both known people like that. Speculating on where they found the time, she said, “Maybe they don’t read.” That stopped us both short. Totally not worth it!!

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