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Some of the Weirdest Movie Titles of All Time

February 20, 2010

Many thanks to DD1 for finding these titles for me. This has been my best laugh of the week. Though I’ve gotta admit, this list is a bit twisted and disturbing. 😀

1. Trash Humpers

2. Queer as F**k

3. Itty Bitty Titty Committee

4. Puppetry of the Penis

5. Faster, Easter Bunny! Kill! Kill!

6. Hungry for Monsters

7. Killer Condom

8. Killer Drag Queens on Dope

9. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

10. Chuck and Buck

11. Gummo

12. Curse of the Pink Panties

13. Aaron — Albeit a Sex Hero

14. Good Dick

15. Naked Boys Singing

16. Fag Hag

17. Spank Your Mind

18. Gigli

19. I Drink Your Blood

20. Teenage Catgirls in Love

21. Queer Duck: The Movie

22. My Brother is an Only Child

23. Julien Donkey Boy

24. The Last Time I Committed Suicide

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