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Awards and 10 Things That Make Me Happy

February 27, 2010

Prolific Blogger Award from Robby at Once Upon a Book Blog/Fourteen Years — Robby is one of my favorite bloggers. He has diverse talents, including music, writing, and poetry, and he has the courage to write from the heart!

Dragon’s Loyalty Award from Cat at Tell Me a Story — Cat is a fairly new blogger, and I am already in love with her site. She writes lovely, thoughtful reviews, and has introduced me to many interesting new-to-me books, especially in the historical fiction genre.

Happy 101 Award from SB at Not Too Serious, I Hope — Her blog is another recent discovery. She writes beautifully, and she has an outrageous sense of humor. I love it! Here are my ten things that make me happy — I’ll repost them below.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy (in no particular order)

1.Those rare moments of silence.

2.Women friends with whom I can be out of touch for years, and when we start talking, it’s just like we’re picking up where we left off — it’s as if one of us just went away for the weekend.

3.Going out to dinner with my hubby — studying the cocktail menu, to choose the absolutely perfect margarita, without hearing any manic Beavis and Butthead laughs or “Mom, Watch! … Mom … Mom … MOM!! WATCH!” (See also #1)

4.Hanging out with my 15-year-old, talking or watching movies.

5.Hanging out with my 11-year-old, talking or reading books.

6.When my 6-year-old wakes up and climbs into bed with me. She’ll snuggle under the covers with me, and I’ll kiss her on the nose, which makes her grin.

7.Cuddling with my hubby when he gets home from work in the morning.

8.A toppling, untidy pile of books.

9.Really good chocolate.

10.The little mistakes in speech my 6-year-old makes, like first … twoth, threeth
Thank You!

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